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Worthing Council for Voluntary Services aims to ensure that the widest possible range of people find it easy to use our site.

Changing the size of the text on this website

To change the text size use the ‘text size’ feature on the top right hand corner or every page.

For larger text click the right hand letter A

  • For smaller text click the left hand letter A
  • To return to normal text click the middle letter A


Most images on this website have alternative text that describes their contents or function. Images used in purely decorative graphics or for layout do not include alternative text.

Help with PDF Documents

You can download Portable Document Formats (PDF) Documents using Adobe Reader which is free to download.

PDF Documents are usually marked with this icon pdf-icon

If your screen reader software (for example an audio-enabled web browser) is not compatible with Adobe Reader, Adobe provides a free online tool to convert the content of PDF files to text – so they can be understood by most screen reader applications.

Do you need help in making the site easier to use?

The BBC has a website which shows you all the many ways you can change your browser, keyboard and mouse settings that will make websites more accessible to you. Visit: My Web My Way

Making our site better

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can make this site better please contact us


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